5 Ways To Trigger ‘Involuntary Attraction’

by Dan Santiago

Dollarphotoclub_88874898_resizedDid you know you can cause a chemical sexual response deep within a woman’s body… simply by saying and doing the right things?

A reaction that compels her to want you… to be attracted to you… and to lust after you.

The really amazing part is this:

This ‘attraction switch’ is flipped no matter what you look like, what clothes you’re wearing OR what car you drive.

For instance… Have you ever seen a stunning blonde on the arm of an ugly-as-sin guy and thought “how the hell did HE land HER?”

Of course you have. Here’s why: New research has shown that when you act a certain way… say certain things… and do certain things…

Women are HARD-WIRED to respond. They can’t help but react in what can only be described as a ‘favorable’ way.

And it gets better. Not only will you trigger sexual attraction, you’ll also install undeniable feelings of safety, security and protection deep inside your female target.

Women are HELPLESS to resist.

Let me give you 5 insights RIGHT NOW that will help you trigger that chemical attraction reaction today

The first thing you should know is this…

Step #1: Women WANT men to approach and talk to them.

DU-UTA-eBook-7-256Listen. The hotter a woman looks… the more she’s doled herself up… the more she wants you to notice AND approach her.

Everything a woman does is core-motivated by the desire to meet the man of her dreams.

But the thing is, she doesn’t know where this will happen. Could be at the bar. Could be at a club. Could even be at the grocery store.

Which is why she spent an age putting on make-up before running out to buy paper towels.

So if you see a hot chick looking like she’s spent a loooong time in front of the mirror… no matter WHERE you are… it’s a green light to approach.

And that leads me to my second point…

Step #2: Women are NOT attracted to confidence alone.

Untitled design(9)How many times have you heard the myth that ‘male confidence’ is a sexual magnet? Trust me, it’s only HALF the picture.

Women notice confident men sure, but what they’re REALLY attracted to… what gets their heart racing, their blood pumping and their panties moist… is NON-NEEDINESS.

You gotta project an air of “hey, I don’t need ya. I’ll take it or leave it!”

Give off that vibe? It’s like sugar to an ant. What’s great is this is so easy to do once you know how. I’ll teach it to you in just a second too..

But always bear in mind women are repelled by the opposite: neediness.

I’ve seen guys collapse strong two-year relationships with one weak-willed show of pathetic neediness.

Here’s something that may shock you…

Step #3: Women WANT their feelings to be manipulated.

Dollarphotoclub_64032667This sounds kinda strange but hear me out…

Why do women LOVE those chick flicks? So they can have their feelings played with and manipulated!

And they secretly WISH guys would manipulate them too, the same way those movies do.

But, of course, they could never say that out loud. Why? Because it would make them look slutty! And you know women will do anything to avoid that label. But..

When you know how to subtly manipulate her feelings, she quickly becomes ADDICTED to you.

What’s great is…there are EASY ways to do this.

Step #4: Women’s brains are hardwired to respond to specific emotional triggers.

Untitled design(17) Let me give you one way you can trigger her emotions.

Women WANT to be teased.

Remember when you were 6 years old in the playground and you’d chase after a girl or play-fight with her?

This is just a step up from that.

Women STILL want to be teased in that way.

Let me give you one of the best ways to do this. Here’s the exact line you need to use:

Next time you’re hanging with a girl just drop this sucker in and watch the reaction…

“You know, you’re a seriously cool person… it’s really too bad you’re not my type”.

Just watch the exasperated smile spread across her face when you say that!

Now, here’s the coolest little insight I can share with you out in the open like this…

Step #5: Women WANT to be seduced — they want sex as much as we do!

Untitled design(24)If you’re anything like I was… you probably look at a pretty woman as a mountain to be scaled. She’s like this reluctant challenge. Resistant every step of the way.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Women are sex maniacs.

You simply have to know what to say and do.

And now that you’ve had your warm up, it’s time to get to the REALLY good stuff…

Warning: This Is NOT For Everyone

Seriously, if you’re easily offended the following information may not be for you.

But if you want to find out stealth, under-the-radar techniques to trigger chemical reactions inside a woman’s body…

… reactions that result in lust and desire for YOU…

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This is science.

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