Always Do This When Approaching Women V

By Dan Santiago

You want to relax…  have a great time and meet lots of new lovers every time you go out, but when you get too attached to that or any outcome, it will show on the way you speak, and on the way you present yourself. It will sub communicate neediness, and that’ll fvck up your game.

Screen Shot 2017-01-25 at 23.23.07It’s just an interaction, there’s nothing else to it. And that’s practice too.

Practice the non-attachment. She may be the hottest girl you’ve seen, but the more you get attached to the outcome ( her number, her pvssy, her lips, how amazingly hot she is ) the more you lose your power.

Practice YOUR immediate reaction to approaching.

No doubts, just go and approach.

Sometimes she will challenge you. She’ll see you all  awesome, spreading charm and masculine sensuality all over the place.

So she, or one of her friends, will test you.

A Shit test. To see if all they’re seeing is congruent with the real you which is about to come afloat.

When a women shit tests you, it’s good because you caught her attention… she’s attracted… and women will always want to filter potential prospects… hence her shit tests.

Your best response to this is:

1.-Be non reactive – Completely ignore her comment and proceed with what you are there for. To have fun, to be playful and challenging, and with a SELECTOR MINDSET. If she keeps on going to the same test, bouncing back, you keep on ignoring her test. Do not ignore her, ignore her test.

2.-Challenge her back – meaning that if she says something about how much of a player you are, you could say … we’ll what else do you like about me. Whatever bitchy or annoying or disrespectful remark … ok, next time I’ll give you a time out.

You can push the envelope and say to her “next time I’ll spank you«, but that will depend, not on the fact you just met her, but on the context of the conversation… remember context is everything.  And that’s it, on approaching.

Screen Shot 2017-01-25 at 23.46.16Remember, calibrate and …

Practice Practice Practice.

And have FUN always. Women are part of the fun of being a man. It’s only an interaction.

Have FUN. And If you want MORE fun…

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