Always Do This When Approaching Women III

Ukrainian-beautyBy Dan Santiago

Bet you are having an awesome week, sharing all the adventures and the stories about hot sweet and amazing women and about black or pink lingerie being tossed to your face during the weekend.


We’ve talked about approaching a lot so far, deconstructing the perfect cold approach.

The cold approach will not be effective all the time and most of that can be perfected calibrating to the context.

Context can be used enormously to help you leverage your conversation to the outcomes that you want.

Contexts like a nightclub will provide some elements that a supermarket, for instance, cannot.

At a nightclub you can be blatantly honest and direct talk about sex and it will give you good results. Not quite so at the supermarket.

Calibration is key.

You are walking towards her, full of confidence as we already covered, then …

You touch her BEFORE speaking a word to her.

She already knows you are approaching, so if you talk to her without “letting her know you arrived” she might play hard to get – which is part of her game –

Back to yours.

Screen Shot 2016-12-09 at 19.39.58You touch her before you say a word, ideally her arm/lower back. That way she’ll be more receptive to your approach.

Her belly will be perceived as much more invasive… avoid that area…

Not too much of her upper back, which will sub communicate insecurity, which will make you safe to her eyes ( meaning you won’t spark attraction ) so grab her, gently, but firmly from her arm or waist/lower back…

Don’t let your hand linger too much tho… just enough to grab her attention so she will listen to you…


You don’t need to leave her arm all bruised up either, but no limp grabbing here. And then look at her in the eyes, penetrating gaze, and don’t let go of that look, and when you are looking at her in the eyes and she’s is there, in that moment of trance… you speak…

You lock eyes with her and don’t let them go. Let her disengage the eye contact first.

And the first phrase that will pop out from your mouth is a comment, a statement.

Not a question.

Not a pick up line.

Not sweet talk.

A comment of what is going on at THE MOMENT.

I prefer commenting about something she’s wearing. Because she may not BE at the moment, but she’s definitely aware of her shoes.

I always comment on her shoes. Women are very sensitive about shoes.

I prefer them very slutty and high heels. Or any other pair of shoes that shows her feet and toes – personal preference also.

I would comment-praise her slutty, high heel shoes, and then comment about how slutty her shoes are —> you can go with sexy pair of shoes… she will definitely respond positively ( that was her intention when she bought them… and then with a smirk I prefer them sluttier tho… ( take away)

Or another comment would be: “Hey I really love those shoes” – you praise her on her choice of shoes – “I love the color” – you praised her for the second time –  They remind me a pair my grandma used to have” – You take away all the praising with a joke. <——- but you don’t laugh at your joke.




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