Always Do This When Approaching Women

When you see a woman chick that catches your attention…. and she makes you even turn around and distracts you from being that amazing and dynamic, purposeful man – that bitch – and, you don’t know her, but she indeed caught your glance…
You have to approach her.
It is not that you have to …
But you HAVE to.
Why ? you already know that

Attraction is NOT a Choice

and whenever that spark ignites, it’s the man who has to do the approaching. She won’t.
Don’t think about it, just go with your flow.
To comply with YOUR impulse.
And if your flow is shouting out loud ——> pussy !, pussy !, don’t deny it.
Never neglect your desire. Except if you are driving of course.
In Social Circle seduction, that might not be the case – because you have already met the women there, it’s not “cold approach” – barriers have been torn down.
It’s easier.
1280px-Approaching_OmahaBut when you don’t know the chick, you got no other choice, but to approach.
Even when she’s with friends. That’s even bolder, and easier
And when you finally speak to her, as she doesn’t know you there are very good chances that she will test you.
Challenge you.
Women do this when they are attracted to a man. It’s a survival mechanism to filter the unworthy.
So, when you approach her, she WILL test you.
She does that, because:
1.- She’s already attracted to you … but Doc, how ? if she doesn’t know me how can she be attracted to me … Well, because you are one of my readers, obviously, but there’s another reason for that too, that I’ll let you know in a sec.
2.- She needs to make sure you’d do it for her. That you are the kind of man she would be willing to invest time with.
I’ll tell you exactly how to pass that test in a minute, but first lets deconstruct the best approach for you.
Cold approaches aren’t 100% effective but they are a must for every man who wants to upgrade his skills with women.
They are the signature of a playfully dynamic, fearless, bold man.
And that’s why you are here to become.
Chances are that you may or may not meet women that you will do it for you in your social circle, so “cold approaches” has to be a tool that you can rely on.
Saturday-Night-Fever-DI-1First. Mindset.
You are already out. So let’s not forget that we go out to HAVE FUN. Never forget that.
Yes you might have gone out because some friends invite you and you were getting bored to death at your place, but the point is you go out to HAVE fun, otherwise you will put too much pressure on yourself and fuck this up very fast.
You may have some drinks, smoke a little this or a little that, but you go out to —-> HAVE FUN. <—-even though all that sounds great, you won’t succeed approaching hot girls if you are drunk, or stoned.
In order to succeed on this you have to practice, practice and practice. But it’s imperative – as in any proper practice – that you practice your successes ———> and to be a success in this you have to BE present in the moment, a thing that weed – despite all great things it may have – doesn’t allow you to.
And Alcohol it may loose you up, but it’s usual that if you don’t get results immediately, you may start to have more drinks, for many reasons.
Guys do this all the time. They get “rejected” and they try to drown the moment in a drink, or they think that one more drink will give them the courage to approach.
That’ll only get you frustrated, drunk and jerking off later on.
Second. Body Language.
You have to make eye contact FIRST. If she doesn’t see you, you don’t stand a chance. I mean, you can pull it, yet its better if you do make eye contact, the way I’m going to explain to you in a minute…
quickfixes_1After you make eye contact, the way we discussed in The Alpha Man Lair, you approach her IMMEDIATELY, do not wait. Do not go to the bar to get another drink or to get a drink if you don’t already have one in your hand. Do not elbow your buddy to show him the chick that caught your eye.
All that talk and unnecessary waiting for the approach is extremely damaging for your results:
1.- Because you start to rationalize the moment. Your INSTINCT caught your attention by this chick.  Not your reason or logic. If you wait and don’t pursue, besides rationalizing – which is useless – you will put pressure on yourself, and the more you delay, the harder it will get. And she will see right through you. DON’T DELAY THE APPROACH.
2.- That’s precisely the practice – or one of the most important parts that you need to practice. The immediate approach. Practice YOUR IMMEDIATE response. Until it becomes second nature.
Make it a reflex.

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