What Casinos Know About Hijacking Human Emotion That Can Get Any Woman Emotionally And Sexually Addicted To You

WARNING: If you’re uncomfortable playing by your own rules and think that seducing and banging the HOTTEST women in the world is all puppy-dogs and romantic fairy-tales… what you’re about discover below is NOT FOR YOU!

Hey, It’s Dr. Dan Santiago again.

I’ve got to ask you a question.

This is a serious question here and the answer you give will have a big impact on your dating and sex life as well as just your basic happiness and success from this day forward so I need you to be brutally honest with yourself.

Do you hate the idea of playing games to meet, seduce, attract, and bang hotter women?

Do you secretly wish you could just bear your heart and soul to a woman and have her suddenly shift her deepest opinions of you and instantly see you as “The Guy,” that one option in her life that she craves and needs above all others?

I want to let you in on something that is going to be very disappointing to you.

I’m sorry to be the one to break it to you dude… because if you’re reading this… I know a few things about you.

  1. You are a certified, bonafide, legitimate BAD MOTHERF#CKER (with a capital BAD MOTHERF#CKER) in the making.
  2. You are willing to put your money where your mouth is and INVEST in yourself to make sure that that powder keg of limitless potential does NOT go to waste.

That makes you rare… abominable snowman RARE. Even more rare than a hot, bisexual woman with a compulsive blowjob fetish.

Unfortunately… when it comes to drawing the hottest women in the world toward your unstoppable dick like iron filings to an electromagnet…

You’ve Been Lied To

The major culprits…

  • Disney
  • MGM
  • Warner Brothers
  • TV
  • Romantic Comedies
  • Your female friends
  • And unfortunately… your own mother.

You were told that you should always be a gentleman.

That you should make a woman feel special and good about herself.

And that is good advice… women do want to feel that way.

But only if they feel like they’re really earned it.

So if you’ve been feeling really confused about exactly how to get a woman to give you her total, undivided attention and to focus all of her lust and desire onto you…

You’re in for a real treat.

But in order to tell you how you can finally get her hooked on you like your dick’s made of methamphetamine…

I’ve got to tell you a quick story.

I had been working with my personal mentor… a retired research scientist who taught me a simple way to turn ON the dominant DNA and give my biology the boost I needed to attract, escalate and bang those hot, sultry seductresses I really wanted.

I had gotten pretty good too.

I was getting more attention from women, having better conversations, and the responses I got were 1000% more positive than I’d ever had in my whole life.

It felt pretty great but there was one issue I kept having over and over again… I’d lose women! It was so frustrating.

I’m sure you’ve had the same problem before. You get a woman’s number…send her some texts… set up a few dates. Things seem to be going well with her. She’s laughing at your jokes. She’s playing with her jewelry. She looks at you with big pools in her eyes… like she’s just waiting for you to penetrate her with something special.

You might escalate. You might even get a kiss.

But then, for no reason… she ‘ghosts’. She goes cold or gets unresponsive. That glimmer in her eyes when she sees you fades away and she starts to see you as “just another dude trying to drill her private wetlands…”

You begin to feel the energy go out of your interactions with her. She takes longer to text back. You can just tell that her feelings for you have flat lined. She either gives you the “friend zone” speech or just disappears.

And if you’ve ever had a hot girl do this, if you’ve ever lost her to a contender, especially after you’ve gotten some kind of interest or built some level of attraction with her, then I don’t have to tell you how frustrating it can be.

It’s Enough To Make You Want to Punch Somebody in the Face

Now, the only thing worse than being ignored by hotter women is getting some interest in them only to have that interest fade.

Without even knowing why or being able to see anything “wrong” with your interactions with her.

Well, if you’re reading this far then it’s safe to say that you’ve probably had this kind of experience before and you know just how maddening it can be.

You were a cool guy.

You were funny and interesting.

You told her all about your travels and adventures to the far corners of the world…

And she lapped it all up.

She was into you.

But then…she just totally faded or even worse gave you some version of the “friend zone” speech and you’re left holding your dick and your heart in the same hand wondering what went wrong.

You did everything that magazines, mainstream media, and women themselves tell you they want from a man.

But there’s one problem…

What Girls Say and What They Mean Are Not The Same Thing

It took me a while to really internalize this. Because as a guy… we know what we want. We’re clear about what we want. We’re transparent about it.

We want a cool sexy girl who’s into us, supports us in our life’s purpose, is there for us and believes in us.

And of course… we also want an explosive sex-goddess with nympho-maniacal tendencies and an overpowering desire to treat our dicks like the Holy Grail.

When we say this is what we want… we mean it.

But women aren’t the same.

As men… we tend to think that if there’s a lot of “good reasons” a woman should be interested in us… then her feelings will follow.

  1. If we’re interesting and clever…
  2. If we’re adventurous and warm…
  3. If we’re great conversationalists and make her comfortable with us…
  4. If we have a lot in common with her…
  5. Then she’s naturally going to want to date us.

But that’s not the way it really works.

How A Trip To Sin City Accidentally Taught Me How To Ignite Her Sexual Obsession For Me

It was a dental conference in Vegas.

I flew out on Thursday afternoon and the conference didn’t start until late Friday morning and I didn’t have much to do.

Now, I’ve never really been much of a gambler but on that night I was feeling a little bit bored so I decided to head down to the floor for some single malt scotch and a little blackjack.

I headed to a $10 table, plopped down and put up a chip.

The first hand came up and I had 19.

I passed…the dealer showed 17.

He hit…

The card came up…it was a five.

I got a sudden rush as he pushed an extra chip next to the one I’d already bet. The cards kept coming my way and within 30 minutes I was up over $300 bucks.

Feeling my tolerance for risk increase I plunked a $100 bet onto the table. My hand came up… Ace… Ace. Well, even though I’m no major gambler I knew that this was a good hand to split. So I did… putting up another $100.

The card came up on the first ace… a 9. That gave me 20. I passed to the next hand as the dealer gave me an 8. I was holding a 19 and 20… not a bad set of hands.

I felt my heart leap. The dealer was already showing a six so I passed the action to him.

He turned up his hole card revealing a 7 for a total of 13. He hit… a four rolled up from the deck. ‘Soft 17’… the dealer has to hit.

I knew from a statistics class I’d taken in college that a ‘soft 17’ meant the odds of busting were just shy of 70%. I was about to be up by over $500 in under an hour… not a bad take.

I started to imagine how I was going to spend my winnings. Head to Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse for a filet and a fine Merlot, then maybe hit up the Spearmint Rhino for some lap dances to top the night off.

Just then I saw the dealer turn up the card… It was the 4 of diamonds.

The dealer had made 21.

I could just hear the echo of the “f#ck” ringing in my mind as the dealer scraped my chips away from me.

My daydream of buttery filet and glitter-spackled tits morphed into that “kicked in the gut” feeling of losing something that was so close I could literally taste it.

You’d think I would have just been smart…taken the $100 profit I’d made already and leave with a lesson.

But you’d be wrong.

That loss wasn’t just about money…it was about fulfilling that desire to have what I assumed was already “mine.”

So I kept on…

I went up again… Then down…

Then up for a little while before spiraling into a losing streak that cost me my winnings plus an extra $980. It was like having my testicles crawl up inside of my body to die. I felt like I was going to vomit.

I crawled to the bar and started knocking back cheap rail whiskey like someone held a press conference and announced that they’d stop making it.

It was like that feeling of repeating a word over and over again until it has no meaning or doesn’t even make sense anymore… But it was happening to my entire reality.

I stumbled back to my hotel room drunk as a Lord and slept it off.

The next day I woke up past the time that the conference had started so I decided I would just take a walk to clear my head.

A part of me couldn’t stop thinking about the night before and the intense desire to pull out more money; head back to the tables and win back the money I had lost. But as I was walking down the strip a sudden burst of insight smacked me upside the head.

I realized in a flash exactly what I had been doing wrong with women that was causing them to lose interest in me even after I’d demonstrated that I was attractive, interesting, charming and funny.

Hijacking Her Emotions

See what I realized was that the Art of Seduction had 2 sides… a light side and a dark side… just like The Force in Star Wars.

Most men learn to amplify their powers in the light side first. They learn to make a woman feel good about herself with things that amplify her emotional state in a positive way. They get her laughing, they get her to feel comfortable; they get her to feel attraction by displaying their playful, flirtatious, charming and adventurous side.

And all of this of course is good, but she wants to feel drama, tension and excitement.

But, if all the emotions you give her are positive… she’ll get bored.

Think of a blackjack table that always paid off. At first… that would be awesome. You’d be able to get free money for very little effort. But eventually, you’d get bored as there’s no challenge, no mystery and no suspense. The reward center of your brain would shut off and you’d stop getting the same thrill from winning.

But if you’re randomly rewarded… and you can never predict when the reward will come… you could become obsessed and even addicted.

The same thing is true with the way you make her feel.

You’ve got to shift gears and get her to ride that emotional roller coaster that teases, tantalizes, and flat out twists her brain into pretzels. You’ve got to be that fascinating soap opera that always makes her wonder what’s coming next.

Armed With My New Insight I Set Out To “Crack The Code

I talked with gambling addiction counselors and psychologists and started to study the patterns of ‘random reward’ and ‘reinforcement’.

And I practiced.

With dozens of hot women from online dating sites, from clubs, from my social circle. Wherever and whenever I had a chance to try it out on hot women.

At first I crashed and burned. I either laid too much agitation and chased them off or made it too obvious I was trying to f#ck with their heads.

Women are really good at figuring out if you’re just trying to push her buttons.

But eventually I worked out a predictable pattern that worked like a charm. A fool-proof strategy to drench her brain with an addictive cocktail of explosive emotions she never saw coming and could never get enough of.

And since this system involved using dark elements of the seduction sciences I decided to call it…

The Dark Art of Charm

A simple, stress-free and predictable way to flip the script and get those hot, hard-to-get women to chase you, seek your approval, and obsess about you when you’re not around.

  • No more racking your brain trying to come up with exciting dates to outdo other men or make her like you more…
  • No more working your ass off to get her to laugh…
  • No more pressure to tell stories and make yourself more interesting…

This is a simple, paint-by-numbers way to create an almost supernatural level of obsession in her mind that makes her work for your attention, instead of you trying to work for hers.

And once you get your first taste of this kind of living, you’ll finally know:

  • A simple way to position yourself so that you’re someone she automatically wants to know and makes her seek your approval even if she doesn’t like you
  • How to condition her expectations and strategically “jam her signals” jolting her with a sudden surge of WTF drama that forces her to obsess about you
  • The one fool-proof emotion you can leverage to get scorching hot women emotionally addicted to you…unable to get you out of her mind, and obsessively checking her phone every few minutes to see if you called or texted
  • The 4 Step System that doles out a blitzkrieg of habit-forming sexual tension that makes her have to have you no matter what (Warning: Be careful who you use this on…female stalkers are a whole new kind of crazy)
  • How to make her seize with withdrawal when you’re not around and feel nervous when you are…having beautiful women walking on egg shells so she doesn’t “mess it up” with you is a nice change of pace to banging your head against the wall wondering how you went wrong

Here’s What Really Blew My Mind

I took a couple of my personal coaching clients and gave them a test drive of this hot little number. I wanted to see if a total newbie could have the same kinds of results that I was seeing.

The results even surpassed my own expectations.

  • A young buck college student got his first girlfriend, the hottest girl on his campus, in just 1 week.
  • A 63 year-old divorced guy got remarried to a hot woman from the Philippines who had had 3 marriage proposals from younger and wealthier men.
  • And one of my clients who had been struggling for years with this very sexy 28 year old Brazilian attorney finally got her to start obsessively texting him and even booty calling him on the weekends.

Bottom line…
The Dark Art of Charm is a complete game changer for any guy who’s remotely struggled to gain any kind of leverage with those hot, harder to get women.

Why The Dark Art of Charm Is Truly Not For Every Man

Even though I know that this system can help any man finally get the power in his relationships with those hotter, harder to get women, this system isn’t for every guy.

If you don’t like the idea of “games”…

If you just want to play it safe…

If you feel like you’re hurting girls by drenching them in a deluge of powerful emotions both positive and negative…

Then this system is NOT for you.

It’s not magical, fairy tale world or Disneyland crap. It’s real. It’s hard hitting. And it blasts her brain with a thermonuclear impact of intense attraction that can literally addict her to you.

Now, I’m not going to tell you to do anything immoral or anything that violates your conscious but some guys just don’t have it in them to play the game on this level.

So, if that’s you… no hard feelings.

Click away from this page and I’ll still get your sex-life moving in the right direction by switching on the latent sex appeal packed away in your genes.

But if you are the kind of guy that wants to end your frustrations and wants the kind of leverage that only the dark side of the seductive arts can give, this isn’t just a solution for you…

It’s the only solution for you.

As you read above, it cost me almost $1000 in gambling losses to learn this secret. Not to mention the months it took me to get everything just right and be able to codify the whole thing into a simple set of rules that any man could follow. It’s a lot of money, but when you have the ability to wrap the hottest women in the world around your finger and finally give yourself the power in your relationships with hot women, it’s chump change.

The first guys I taught this to were personal coaching clients who each invested $250, still every guy has raved about it and told me they would have paid a lot more.

But you’re not going to have to invest that much.

Nowhere near.

If you hit the Upgrade My Order button below you will get Instant Access to The Dark Art of Charm for just $27.

Why so little? Because you’ve given me some of your trust by joining The Big Balls Brigade and taking action. So I want to my part to help you out and that includes the same guarantee I gave you before – 60 days… no questions asked.

You won’t need it, but it’s there for you so you can feel assured that you can test drive this system out before you decide if it’s really for you.

Let Me Go One Step Further…

In addition to the main guide I’m going to throw in a little present for you just because you had the balls to say yes to yourself.

The Dark of Charm Video Training Series:

I’m going the extra distance make sure that you get the tools to get this area of your life handled in the shortest amount of time with the least amount of effort. This video series achieves that goal 10X.

We’re going to hammer home the whole system so the light bulb goes off and you can start taking action RIGHT AWAY because I’m sure you’ve had enough frustration in your dating life already and I want to make sure you get the fastest results possible.

Don’t Hold Yourself Back Any Longer

You’ve had enough of the sleepless lonely nights, spinning around in your brain wondering how you messed things up with that super hot, rare girl.

You’ve had enough trying to earn her approval with the song and dance routine of trying to impress her and show her how much better you are than other guys.

You’ve spent enough time staring at the blank screen on your phone trying to text her that perfect line that will make her conclude that you are the man she truly wants.

That ends today.

If you’re really serious about seducing, dating and banging the hottest women on the planet then this is a total no brainer. So go for it!

Click the button below to add The Dark Art of Charm system to your order for only $27!

No Thanks. I am scared of the possibility that I may be in women’s thoughts all the time and they may end up doing everything I command, so no, I am going to pass on this offer.

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