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What If You had a few simple hacks, that could actually reprogram Your body, to be naturally more magnetic to the women you truly want

No more Settling With so-so women who are past their prime, and loaded with emotional baggage …

approach_girlsNo more having to think what to say on dates or racking your brain to come up with interesting conversations …

No more feeling that paralyzing, deer-in-the-headlights fear that keeps you from approaching those glorious women who set your flesh on fire …

Let’s NOT mess around here man,


You are reading this right now for ONE simple reason:


You want to stop failing with women

Most of the guys who start reading my newsletter don’t find me willingly.
They don’t find me because they are swimming knee deep in the sweet smell and soft curves of fine women on a regular basis…

They don’t start reading my stuff because they just need to “round off” their dating skills with a little extra spit-shine to up their game a little…

rejectionThe one consistent thing that makes them seek me out and find my stuff is that THEY’VE BEEN REJECTED.

So, either if you got divorced, and are depressed way down to your ankles …

Or you found out your wife/partner/girlfriend was cheating on you…

Or you met a cool, attractive woman you really wanted to be with and she dropped you for someone else

Or you just plain seem to endure a never ending stream of humiliating failure that makes you feel like the whole thing with sex, dating, and relationships with women isn’t even worth the trouble.

Maybe you just don’t see yourself as the kind of guy who want to spend a lot of time in loud clubs, or smoky bars prowling for women and having to put up with endless rejection…

You just want your bed to not be empty every night of the week.

Screen Shot 2016-07-03 at 19.45.18You just want to wake up in the morning and feel the warm, tight body of a sexy girl curled up against you…

You just want to share searing sex and deep physical and emotional intimacy with smart, cool, and incredibly beautiful women.

Maybe. Maybe not.

Either way …

this is not about «pickup»

I have to be super clear about something right up front.

This is not about wearing ridiculous clothes and strutting around town trying to act like you’re important but signaling to any woman with half a brain that you’re just a bozo with an inferiority complex.

Untitled design(3)This is not about saying ridiculous lines to make her think you’re cool.

This is not even about how to banter and flirt with her in a way that makes her want to get to know you better.

In fact…it’s not about «GAME» at all.

Look, there’s a principle that I teach all my guys who are just starting out with me and have had less than a stellar string of success with women…

Game- as you know it, as you read on pickup forums and in seduction podcasts and talked about in the Manosphere…

Is way too advanced for the guys starting out.

Sure, game is powerful.

But game is all about what you’re SAYING AND DOING …

Instead … You’ll discover how to spark incredibly intense, heart-stopping attraction inside of the women you truly want…by BEING.

Recent scientific breakthroughs have shown how interactions between our behavior and our biology can actually make you a sexier, more impactful, and more powerful man.

The kind of man that women are deeply drawn to.

Dollarphotoclub_64032667The kind they desire and actively seek out.

You’ll never have to drag yourself to a loud bar on Friday night to be rejected by snobby club girls…

You won’t have to torture yourself trying to find something to say to that sexy barista at your local coffeehouse…

And you don’t have to spend hours in the gym building your body or blow $1000s on a glitzy new wardrobe.

You just need to activate a few small changes in your “core masculine biology…”

These small changes grow and compound over a fairly short period of time to get ingrained into your “genuine subconscious expressions.”

See, all of us are communicating in ways that we’re not aware of.
In fact, these communications…which I call “genuine subconscious expressions” make up the majority of what you “say” to people.

They reflect your mindset, how you think and feel about yourself, and how you interpret others relative to yourself.

A man who is sexy to women places his own opinion and importance above those of others.

That doesn’t mean that he’s a total arrogant jerk…

That doesn’t mean that he disregards how others see him…

It just means that he doesn’t trust their ideas or opinions more than he trusts himself.

And on a deep level this unconscious attitude he has about himself changes his biology.

He doesn’t release as much cortisol, his endocrine and immune systems are healthier (which women can sense), and the muscles in his body get bathed in a delightful bath of chemicals that make them more elastic and responsive.

As a result…he naturally communicates high value.

He has a smooth, commanding vocal tonality.

He moves with swagger and purpose.

He secretes a powerful, glimmering halo around him that makes everything he says and does more attractive.
This communication gives him good results with women and his peers.

He unconsciously commands more respect and admiration.

And those experiences feed back into his biology and further reinforce the positive feedback loop.

This is the reason why the “cool get cooler…” and some guys just seem to have a natural, seductive mojo with women while other men seem to be almost “doomed to fail.”

Even if you’ve struggled with women your whole life and never seem to have any kind of sexual power or influence with them…

These simple hacks can start to change that…deep inside of your biology.

And once they go to work…they start to change YOU.

Naturally and automatically.

The best part is…

They work on the principle of compounding which means they take very little effort on your behalf and they quickly build up so that in 30 days time…

You will be a new man.

Women will be drawn to you naturally and will give you more invitations to approach and talk to them.

Your friends and colleagues will start to notice that there’s something “different” about you.

You’ll get compliments from total strangers (this one really blew my mind when I first experienced it.)

I know that this can have a profound impact on your life.

And I’m giving it to YOU for just 18 dollars

Untitled design(1)Just because you’ve had some bad experiences with women in your past doesn’t mean you have to let it dominate your destiny.

So grab your copy,

Take this shortcut …

And say goodbye to, misery, and jerking off to internet porn.

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Sorry man, that’s was me just being sarcastic …

I sincerely look forward to seeing your handsome face on the other side.

“Success is the ability to go from failure to failure without a loss of enthusiasm.”

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