Are You F*cking Your Dream Woman By Now ? If Not It May Be Because Of This

By Dan Santiago

kiteIf there is one thing I enjoy and day dream most of the is being outside,
Playing sports,
Sliding down the woman mountain. Bathing in salty waters. Whatever activity that makes me feel pumped up and alive.
You know what else does it for me ?
Learning. Reading the books. Investing in myself.  Which EVERYBODY should do.
Doing shit. Approaching that hottie at the supermarket, make her giggle, open to my touch.
Playing the GAME, make her chase me. And Finally,

Own Her

Giving Away My Gifts.
As A Man.
To women, to Life.
An important part of being a man is having purpose and direction.
But a man cannot quit on his hunger to acquire more skills, knowledge, abilities.
A Man cannot excel in life if he’s not willing to commit himself to upgrade his skills in any area that he might be involved.
So if you are one of those who have many things in your life that you are interested in, kudos.
Means you have a chance on many aspects in Life.
The downside ?
aussie-beach-babes-016-3That you are going to be required to master each one of those crafts. Otherwise they are just going to become heavy burdens and distractions for you.
Doc, does that mean I have to choose ? Not necessarily, the choice you have already made it. Way before landing on this web page.
But choices have their consequences, having too many activities that you are involved in, will have their toll on your time for your kids, partner, other activities.
There are SACRIFICES that need to be made. By you, for you.
If you want Mastery in any area of life you have to be actively performing the activity for at least 10,000 hours.
If you are obsessed about that guitar, the only way you are going to get better is USING it, PRACTICING.

What you don’t use, you loose.

Guitar playing may NEVER be a profitable activity for you – money wise – but it’s an activity that builds you as a man, it increases your value, and it’s worth your time.
It can be guitar, drum, surf, ski, whatever.
Approaching with confidence to a hottie at the shopping mall, and start a 10 minutes conversation and getting her phone number, is not an activity that will make you much money. But it’s absolutely essential for you to finally attract the woman of your dreams.
Or the series of women you want for yourself.
You don’t have to bed them the same night, and if you do, congrats.
But that’s not the point.
Practicing, developing skills is an absolute must for any man who wants to have and enjoy an outstanding experience on this planet.
Because that hottie that woman that occupies your head. She’s not going to be available for you if you don’t put yourself on the spot and be vulnerable and take your chance.
And If she’s really, really amazing as I am imagining she would be, you are not going to have the balls to approach her, on sight. and be succesful. No way.

You Practice.

Practicing allows you to work on your weaknesses, become aware of where exactly you are f*cking up, know where you are succeeding and keep on hammering with that.
When to change subjects, when to leave, how to know if she’s a psycho, how to know if you would want to give this one some 12 weeks of your time.
Guitar plating, GAME, seducing women, skiing, anything that you want to MASTER, will require great amounts of effort and practice.
There not a pill for that.
It all comes down to hitting/kicking/throwing/catching that ball.
As many times as you need to.
For as long as it is required to.
Of course you can have guidance.
A guitar teacher, a coach, a mentor.
But all of them can only show you the way.
You are the one who has to go through the door.
Practice not until you get it right, but until you can't get it wrong,And you do that with long, persistent, disciplined hours of practice.
You don’t have to invite her drinks <——— don’t do it. Why would you ?
You don’t need to spend money. Just  FOCUS on practice.
Go there to a bar, have a chat with 10 women that night. Approach, confidently, make a remark or comment about something that is happening at the moment <———-avoid questions,  and start practicing.
Make your MINDSET about practice.
As many times It takes. And you keep doing it, not until you do it right.
Leave that to the sea of mediocrity out there.

You practice until you can’t do it wrong.

And then Doc ?
Well you keep practicing, damn it !
What you don’t use you LOSE
And It is also absolutely IMPERATIVE to KEEP UPGRADING your skills.
Push that fucking threshold of abilities you have.
Simply become better at everything you do.
Invest in yourself, read these newsletters over and over.
Have that skull tattooed with this information.
With this state of the art information.
With the latest information.
Get that guitar teacher,  that coach.
A Mentor.
And put yourself out there, out there practicing.
Gaming those MILF’s, gaming those college cuties that are so desperate to feel a real man.
Sometimes you need to crawl to practicePractice, Practice, Practice.
Never stop. Sorry to disappoint you, but you can never stop.
You can’t stop Life, you can’t stop practicing.
That way, whenever you see a woman you like, you can approach at ease, relaxed, confident.
You will have done that a 1,000 or 10,000 times. And make her yours on a whim.
Because of your practice.  Your persistence.
As a result you learned. And you kept on it.
Because you upgraded your skills. As a result of constant practice.
That way, whatever thing which a while ago seemed f*cking impossible, you can master now with ease.
And Trust yourself in the process.
It is a process.
Always remember that.

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