Make Yourself 10x More Attractive To Women

By Dan Santiago
sexy secretarySun came up shining powerful out there today.
The same way I want you to came out everyday.
Inspiring to others.
Seducing the world.
In order to be a 10X more attractive man to women and the world, You have to come out shining.
There’s no other way.


I just gave you three tips on how to make yourself more attractive.
Did you noticed that ?
Of course you did.
How do WE do that ?
I’ll let let you know in just a second,
But first a quick story.

Lame Ass Behavior Will Give You Lame Ass Results

Five years ago, I had this girl working for me as an assistant.
Back in those days I was fat, sick, drinking heavily every night.
I used to be so out of focus in my office that I relied heavily on what this assistant would do for me and my business.
Almost the entire financial matters where dependent on her skills.
And she was quite a hard worker, always on time, never complained.
Some of the things I delegated to her were of key importance to the success of my business.
Matters that a successful business man would never delegate.
Because, duh, they were too important.
They had to be handled by the man in charge,  in these case:
But I was out of focus. Way out of focus.
One day we had a heavy argument with this girl,
Because I had empowered her so much in the WRONG way, she felt that she had the right to decide and recommend to my clients the treatments that better suited them.
Even to the point of directly contradicting me in front of my client … like why was I offering this treatment and asking for X amount of money, in the instance that I could DO this other treatment instead … some treatment that she thought would be better for my client.

Way out of line.

First because she didn’t have the competences to suggest an alternative treatment.
Second because she was directly contradicting me in front of my client.
sexysecAuthority ?
Influence ?
Absolutely gone.
So, after the patient left confused and insecure about the professional that was going to treat her, I started this argument with this girl, my employee.
And she quit.
Right then and there.
I was so pissed off at the situation that I never asked her to consider her resignation.
My pride wouldn’t have let me.
And looking back it’d have been worse, because that would’ve acknowledge the fact that she could do that at any time she felt like doing so.
Authority ?
Who’s fault ?
Mine. By all means.
I was not taking charge, I did not command any authority.
I was so out of focus that I let the situation escalate to the point that she didn’t have any respect for me.
And even more so, any respect on my professional decisions.
Attractive Male behavior ?
Two years after she resigned, that office and business went to the trash, causing me all kinds of loss.
Personal, professional, financial losses.
Because of my lack of focus.
Because of my incompetence to LEAD.
Who’s fault
You bet. Mine.
Fast Forward to present day, I have another office.
I have worked hard on myself for four years and counting.
Kicked off all of my “lifetime” medication.
I am Healthy
With one digit percent of body fat
Charging hard at my path
Yeah I still drink but I am not that raging alcoholic I used to be.
Just peachy.
Suddenly,  I am in need for a new assistant.
and guess who shows up to fill the vacant spot,  recommended by a mutual friend ?
You bet.

The Price Of Success Is Change

Now we are working together again.
Two weeks after she has been my employee for the second time, she’s craving my cock, and her current habit is to go to my office and sit on my lap so she can put her tongue in my mouth on a regular basis.
Blowjobs on Command.
Quite a change, huh?
I am not saying that you should go and make out and have an affair with your employees.
Far from that.
sexy-secretaryThe lessons here is that attractive male behavior basically comes down to two things:
Avoid unattractive male behavior: delay decision making, being a follower or a pushover, not command authority, not having personal authority, being at the mercy of circumstances, being a lazy ass and not do what you should.
Implement attractive male behavior:  Taking charge, making decisions, being a leader, command authority, have personal authority, being the cause, work hard.
Of course you could say, well you are her boss she’d obviously be attracted to you.
But I was her boss five years ago, and she didn’t used to be all over me at lunch break.
How things will unveil between this chick and I ?
I have the power and authority, and things are done the way I want them to be done.
Problem is that she gets even more turned on when I pushed her away, and say to her “stop it, you just come here to have your way with me”, » you are not getting paid extra-time»
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