One Simple Trick That Will Dramatically Increase Your Success With Women

By Dan Santiago

showerGreetings to you champ, and all the glory of this marvelous morning to you, Badass.
Is it just me or you are looking amazingly more handsome than last week ?
Kudos to you bro, you’re just killing it.
Because when you invest in yourself, when you trust yourself, when you charge hard at your path and mission … nature just makes her part and does a huge retribution job on US.
Because you keep on adding value to the world.
Because you give your gifts freely without expecting nothing in return.
Life notices that.
She likes that.
Just as when you start to whisper things to her ear. Drives her wild.
Let’s talk about this one subject that we all love to talk about …
Driving women wild.
No matter how ugly, poorly dressed – which you already know that ain’t us … living at your parents basement, broke or whatever, there is one thing women cannot resist.
Because it’s their drug. Once you spark the attraction, and keep on doing this trick, she’ll always come back for her fix.
Untitled design(34)She craves it.
Almost the same amount she craves your well hunged manhood.
She cannot help herself, but to keep on coming back to you.
The ultimate Venusian currency.
And the Man who masters this is definitely running for Major @ Venus
So, Doc, what is that. How can I speak Venusian.
Man, you’re reading the right blog today, because I’m going to give you the answer in just a minute.
By the way we all know bitches come from around the corner, Venus is just a saying.
I bet once in a lifetime you have seen an ugly motherfvcker dating a hot woman.
All eyes pop out when they contemplate this disharmonious orchestration of nature.
What the fuck is she doing with him ?
Even other women ask the same thing. Her roommates, close personal friends and family.
She’d even take some bulling due to her newly found sweetheart …
And the guy is a joke. Poorly dressed, greasy hair. Hasn’t taken a shower in days.
Could it be he has money ?  It could. But you already know women are not “particularly attracted to that”
Could it be he has a huge dong ? He could. Good for him. But he didn’t start showing off his dick in front of the hot babe the minute he met her.
And he’s already ugly as fuck,
So, what gives ?
Women love gossip, love chick flicks, love drama …
So, THE ONE and Ultimate way to speak Venusian is giving her

Emotional Experience

That’s what chicks want. They’re are ADDICTED to that.
Untitled design(24)There are several jerks that beat their woman physically or emotionally. And she stays with him nevertheless. And it’s because that jerk is always making her walk on the edge of her emotional world.
I am not recommending at all mistreating women, want to clear that out. Although they love their spanking.
Chicks want to FEEL the emotions of being with a man, they want to feel flattered, amazed, teased, chilled, shocked, or any other emotion that turns on her roller coaster.
We are too easy emotionally. We just feel hungry, upset, happy, and horny, and that’s probably it.
But women are MUCH more complex, broader, and deep in their emotional brains.
The easiest way to get this roller coaster of emotions going on in her brain is by:
1) Being self amused. That means that you are always entertaining yourself. That you laugh about things that are funny to you, and you don’t really care about what other people may say, you always seek your own enjoyment of the situation FIRST and then you bring other people in on your fun.
2) Being Drama Seeking. That, by no means is that you need to start sending her flowers, reciting her poems and shit like that.
That’ll fvck up everything.
It means that you are always trying to make interactions emotionally complicated for women.
It doesn’t make you a sissy, pussy or feminine to get into the drama of the situation.
And One of the best ways to get into a drama with a chick is to TEASE her.


You have to do it all the time, and the fact that you are not offending women at least to some point, is an indicator that you aren’t doing it enough.
You can tease her with whatever thing you can come up with. That she’s poor, that her mom is in love with you, that she’s not very smart.


If you don’t change the pace, you will fuck up your game. She’ll end up thinking you are a classic jerk and be defensive and upset with you ( which is still better than a blah, nice pussyass conversation )
img2So the formula is tease ——-> make nice ( meaning say a comment in about her, something that you like about her ) —————> and then take it away with a tease ———> then make nice again ————-> then tease her right after.
That way you’ll develop a patter that she’ll adapt, and she ‘ll start teasing you, as a puppy throws a ball at you so you can play with her.
Clear ? Bet so
Value and priceless ancient knowledge delivered ? check
Useful ?  You bet. Go ahead and use this tonight and everyday.
Practice the teasing and the patterns,
Send an email reporting the good stuff. I want details man.
Cheers to you
Talk Soon


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