3 Outrageous & Untold Secrets Of Female Sexuality

I know alreadyAwesome day today.  Perfect to talk about female sexuality, one of my favs.
Air is getting HOT, spring down here has claimed its place in the scene.
Claimed … a state that a woman loves to feel with her man.
And today we are going to talk about the subject what women love to talk the most
I mean, we are NOT going to talk about how give her the most incredible orgasm she has ever experienced.
She will have incredible Orgasms once you start to put into practice these three secrets, that media, your parents, your teachers, and even your friends have mislead you to believe.
Not that they did it on purpose.
It’s just that regular people – i.e. Not US – have followed for generations without questioning.
Secrets that have been kept like that for centuries and only about 1-5% of men is acquainted with.
And It’s meant to be kept that way.

Same as Money. – Did you know that if all the money in the world would be gathered and split fairly among all the people on earth more sooner than later would end up in the same hands ?


These secrets have been kept like that so the whole bunch of regulars wouldn’t feel so undervalued.
What a shame isn’t it …
F*ck No
They don’t have the balls and will to wake up and see for themselves.
They are to busy watching lame ass TV, wasting time on social media or paying for porn or sex.
Their fault
Before I reveal that to you, these 3 secrets that will change the way you see women …
I want to give a big Shout out to the guys who are already inside The Alpha Man Lair
Some big journey awaits for You, full of Charm, Charisma and soaking wet Brazilian waxed p*ssy.
We are going to be talking about . . .


Yes we areAnd Let me tell you quick story that will prove my rant . . .my manifesto about female sexuality.
The other day I went to the shopping center to get a gift to my 7 year old niece …
I arrived 5 minutes before the building closes, as I usually do when I visit places I simply don’t like.
Like Shopping centers
Being there I approached this girl at the information counter
Me: Hi, can you tell me where I can find a toy store – Before I said that, as I was approaching, a piercing deep look in her eyes, a powerful glance, an I-would-fuck-you-in-this-very-counter kind of eye contact is what I did, and what I do every time I approach a hot girl . . .
Girl at the information desk: a Toy store … for kids ? <——- this is so easy, not fair
Me : Do they have adults toys for sale in this place ? <——- sexual innuendo, as a default response by now, and with a glance that if would make a sound it’d be like “ you horny puppy”
Girl : No they don’t … unluckily <——- She just openly dismissed my initial request and went for the sex chatter immediately.
Having said that, she looked down – accessing her emotional brain –
Her partner – a dude – at the desk laughs.
If I were alone with her I could’ve continued the conversation about sex toys, and blatantly tell her what I’d do to her.
But I listened to her directions on how to get to the store – for kids –
As she is saying this to me, I gently touch her hand, and keep it there all the time she points the directions.
I said goodbye.
Went to get the present.
Then 30’ later I came back. She’s already warmed up.
Few laughs
More sexual toys innuendos
3 hours later she’s sound sleep, properly fucked and satisfied
That’s right.
Women talk sex all the time. They love to talk sex.
Is their favorite subject, they spend most of their day time fantasizing about sex and talking with their friends about it.


They want it in the pussy, the ass, their mouths, the belly button, the ears, you name it.
They have 10 times the pleasure out of sex than men do.
It can last 10 times longer.
You want more proof ? see for your self
And when a High Value male brings up the subject around them they just flock, giggle, fantasize and get wet.
I've always liked that colorJust Remember the last time you were around a group of people, and somebody – if not yourself – brought up the subject, of sex. Or somebody made a joke or a sexual remark …
I bet their eyes instantly sparked attention, and if the subject was introduced by a man assured of himself – as you are – that attention quickly turned to attraction, then lust then banging ——> easy equation.
In fact every time the subject is brought up and  moved to higher levels, there is usually a male – a poor sucker – that tries to change the subject to something else. Those suckers can’t handle the sexual tension.
And even tries to bring to shame to the one person who brought the subject.
That’s why people don’t get laid.
They just miss the whole point.
Sex is fun, natural and common.
No biggie.
And now you know.
Every time you want to get laid, talk about sex.
With no outcomes in mind.
In fact, talk about it and then change the subject to something else.
Like it’s not a big deal
And it isn’t.
Because although women are the only creature that walks the earth that has an anatomical structure which its sole purpose is sexual satisfaction – the clitoris – their main erogenous zone is:
Drum roll …


Their imagination, that is what turns them on the most. The brain, the imagination is the drive behind female sexuality.
Let's Make It 51 shadesAsk E.L. James.
50 shade of Gray … 125 million copies sold in 52 languages,  sounds familiar ?
Quick recap.
Women Love to fuck.
Women’s favorite conversation subject is sex.
If you want to get laid, talk about sex.
And then do it with them.
But beware,
If you get turned on by the conversation and start to switch to lone horny wolf mode, you’ll kill the whole vibe.
You have to speak and act like it’s not a big deal.
And it really isn’t.
Now you know better.

Yet you better keep on learning…


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