Always Do This When Approaching Women IV

By Dan Santiago

Screen Shot 2016-12-09 at 19.37.44She laughs ——> good.

She doesn’t even turn to face you ——> leave her, not worth it.

She challenges back ——> “I want to meet your grandma», or “She and I would be friends” then you have to comment back. “ I don’t think so, she’d hate someone else having shoes that resembles hers” or something like that.

That’s part of YOUR game.

Of a skill you develop. Which is ever evolving, ever changing.

So keep upgrading your skills, be a student.

Invest in Yourself.

Then after saying that you keep on adjusting your body language to her and her responses.

You will notice that If she’s laughing, if she’s listening, if she’s staying put…

She’s Interested

Always be present, avoid getting in your head about: “ does she like me” or getting too self conscious about your body language, this may lead to over play your coolness and become sloppy.

Screen Shot 2017-01-25 at 23.23.19Relax, remember that your mindset is having fun and meeting a new woman, a hot, dazzling sexy chick, it’s all congruent with your mindset…

So avoid going to your head and start projecting her as an ideal girlfriend, wife or whatever… she’s a person, that you are just getting to know, that happens to be super hot, and that’s it…

She has to meet your standards… you cannot just bypass all your settings because she’s hot… you do it once, she’ll sense that and you are friend zone material… so listen close…

You Are The Selector

That has to be your mindset… ALWAYS

Every time you speak to her, look her in the eye, piercing eye contact. As if she was the finest piece of pussy on the planet… however,

When she speaks to you, don’t look at her <—– look away. But DO Listen intently, because she’ll give you the clues on what to speak to her about, stuff that will always be providing more conversation, and the way you leverage that information will determine how the interaction will go from there.

I must address something that always turn up screwing the man’s game and that’s his attachment to the outcomes…


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