These 4 Traits Are Robbing You The Women You Want – Don’t Be This Guy

By Dan Santiago

Don't Be This Guy

Hi there You amazing, charming & charismatic Badass

Today we are awakening
Today we take massive action on our vision, our bold Life, our awesome skin and all that cleavage that is so distracting
Because we can, most man don’t even try.
Some men out there have always had terrible outcomes with women.
They have sucked at it, for more time that they remember.
The problem is that no matter how many times they fail in a relationship or in an “almost” relationship, they don’t reflect the problem in themselves.
They are so deep in the belief that money, looks and fame are important for the attraction and  relationship itself, that all they do is get more money, get more clothes, buy that car, show off.
And they are also so deep inside their paradigms,  that the only thing they want is to get married, start a family, have kids, the white picket fence and all the rest.
They almost sound like things a girl would want.
And don’t get me wrong, it is good to want those things. It’s is good to strive to get for yourself the things that you want in Life.
But they are not selective, they over invest and pursue relationships that they are not for them.
Why would you date a woman that smokes if you are NOT into cigarettes ?
They are so desperate in the getting of women that they bypass all their preferences, they sacrifice all they stand for, and even though they are foolish enough to think that can change the girl to become more suitable for them.
This is called small segments relationships, where the person takes a trait of the other person and magnifies it, until that’s all it sustains the relationship. i.e. common case when women who are constantly beaten up by their partners remain with them because he “says he loves her”
In order to have real relationships with women of your choice, first ( and very obvious ),

They Got To Be Of Your Choice

Be selective.
Although it’s hard to say that to men who are desperate and always doing the chase.
So what gives ?
im-6I’ll tell you in a minute,
First we are going to analyze a case study. And what you should never EVER do.
A friend of mine ( a friend with benefits of course ) told me this story.
She was contacted by this dude she new from High School.
And she, a successful, high quality woman, gets hits by guys day and night, left and right.
She told me this story, about this other guy, a lawyer, a DA – a guy anyone would classify as a successful man – that he initially contacted her on FB ( they knew each other from high school ) so they could go together to this concert ( Lollapalooza)
If you’ve ever been at Lollapalooza, you know that it’s a multiple stage-whole-day-show.
She told him they could meet at the concert.
He spot her at the venue and stayed the whole day with her, and watched all the bands and artists that she went to see – ignoring his own musical preferences –

He Put Her On A Pedestal

After the concert he started regular communication with her – and she’s just playing nice – and he started downloading and listening to the music she liked.
So She Could Notice That, So She Could Like Him For That. <—needy and desperate, with NO sense of self worth.
Then this guy – with the aid of his connections as a DA – found out her address and sent her flowers.
Plainly stocking her and disregarding her privacy. < ——-desperate ? you bet … creepy ? of course.
93-guido-gangsta_thumbHe then called her to meet her – she went so she could confront him about the invasion of her privacy which he, once with her, deflected and joked about –  he waited for her on a private lounge, with a present and all this adornments he demanded to the place, so it could be a perfect romantic evening.
Waaaay too needy, creepy and over invested.
At the dinner he even started with criticism about why she dressed sexy like that, that it was not appropriate for her position in the University she worked at Or why did she have so many male friends, or why she smoked cigarettes.
He even tries to influence her to change … enough said
He then kept sending gifts, to her address, until she stopped answering his messages, unfriend him on FB, and actually felt quite scared about what else this creepy guy could try to do with the power that he had as being a DA.
The lesson here is this…


In order to be a complete Badass with women, get yourself up from the failures in life, marriage included, you have to learn what works, and definitely unlearn what doesn’t.
But to have an amazing life, and have the outcomes that you want you need copious amounts of Self Love.
That will attract the women you want.
That will allow YOU to be the SELECTOR, allow you to be chased, allow you to be have several girlfriends and enjoy all the emotions and Love women can provide to the man who knows how to deal with them.
Love and trust Yourself. Invest in Yourself
Be the Selector

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