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You are going to experience how it is to be sexually worshiped by women.

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You are going to experience the power that comes along with having choices. The power that comes along when you are able to give your partner what she truly wants in her man. Not some movie or TV BS.

You are going to experience the life of a a respected, sexually worshiped man.

Before you know it, your life will have changed, forever.

If you have 5 minutes, I’ll show you how to experience being chased, adored and sexually pursued by women, 10x faster, easier and on autopilot.

I’ll show you 5 ways how to get any woman into bed as quick as tonight. It’s simple, it’s easy, and I guarantee it’ll work for you.

As an Unleashing The Alpha customer, I want to let you in on my secrets that so many other guys are already using successfully.

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Introducing Unleashing The Alpha Platinum Edition

Platinum Edition Introduction

( $97.00 value )
Here you will discover all the tools and mindsets you need to immerse yourself in this whole new world of influence and power.

Power Close Authority

( $97.00 value )
This module will turbocharge my Authority Flux™ that’s already tattooed to your skull. It will not only bring more women to your life, but if you want that promotion or that raise… watch as those things are thrown to your lap. The rules of engagement are finally set and you have the keys to the kingdom. The game responds to you now.

Attraction Mastery Blueprint

( $97.00 value )
Done for you road map to become the King everywhere you go, every place you enter. After this module expect to be treated like a celebrity and expect the rewards that it conveys, women, networking and money making.

Killer Rapport Building

( $97.00 value )
Hypnotic techniques to conquer the heart, mind and soul of any woman. An unfair advantage and an immeasurable source of power rewards the one who discovers these techniques. Extreme caution is required when applied.

The Platinum Edition of Unleashing The Alpha is the catalyst to solidify all the concepts. You’ll be fine with the basic version, but there so much details that is covered in deep, in the Platinum System, that I had to set another product, and the amounts of details and depth of content will permit you increase your success exponentially.

The Platinum Edition it is NOT a collection of canned lines, pick up lines and bullshit, IT IS NOT another lame ass dating guide to confuse you, bore you and waste your time AND IT’S NOT another self help book of bullshit or another method to hypnotize broads.

For you to have it easier to implement, all the product is digital. And you will be able to watch it, listen to it or read it.

Plus, and with the same options to discover and immerse yourself in it, I decided to add four bonuses for you, to bring this one home …

Platinum Edition Bonus Items

Boosting Attraction Triggers

( $97.00 value )
How to leverage your social power and charisma to put attraction on steroids.

Bullet Proof Approaching

( $97.00 value )
How this one approach mindset and technique can make you take home any woman, wherever you are. Full step by step detailed system explanation for you, developed in years of study in the field.

Female Test Domination

( $97.00 value )
How to know when she’s testing you… and how to stealthily flip around her little unconscious games to make her WANT YOU even more…

Power Qualification System

( $97.00 value )
I left out this major key to stealth seduction until now. You absolutely must have this piece to understand “The Occult  Side” of seducing women. This is only for SERIOUS students of seduction.

If you’re ready in your mind to move to this level – I’ve finally decided to release it.

We are talking a total value of $776.00.

Remember, the Unleashing the Alpha Platinum System is NOT for everyone. If you aren’t willing to put in the time and effort, then go ahead and leave this page.

But I want you to have even more. I recently decided to disclose a series of PRIVATE Videos ( valued over $300.00 ), and I decided to include them here.

You’ll Also Get unlimited access to my LIVE Video Footage

Approaching Supremacy

Flirting Conversation

Rapport Building Seminar

Kiss Close 100% Proof

And to really make it easier for you in this new life you are about to begin, I have another special bonus for you.

TheEndGameDue to the insane amounts of women that are going to be available to you from now on, you will have to end some relationships and enter new, more fulfilling ones. In The End Game ( $47.00 value ) you’ll discover how to end relationships in a painless, drama free, enriching experience. Let her remember you as the bad ass that you truly are, and cherish the experience she had with you.

If you are serious about living a sexually fulfilling life with the women of your choices, then the Platinum Edition of Unleashing the Alpha is the ultimate tool for you to cement this knowledge and have the results you are after sooner, faster and better.

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Upgrade to the Platinum System now and receive 8 module course videos PLUS the 5 bonus videos of my private vault PLUS The End Game System eBook, all for just $97.

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