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Hi. My name is Dan

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WARNING: If you ever been rejected by a woman, cheated on, separated or divorced, this may trigger feelings of embarrassment, anger and even rage.

But don’t fret, it’s important that you CONTINUE READING until you have gotten the whole story
“Bust a cap in his ass” I heard one of them say …
Seeing all of them was discouraging, but I kept on swinging, ignoring all the kicking and punching I was unceasingly receiving.

It had been two years after my divorce. I was married for 3 years, and me were together for six. I never EVER felt before what I felt for my now, ex wife. But by the time we broke up, we could not stand each other anymore.

We Were THE Best Of Friends BEFORE We Got Married

She was THE ONE.

A couple of months before the wedding we started to have some arguments, that I addressed at the beginning, and they went away. For a while that is. I foolishly assumed that they were going to stay away. They didn’t. It wasn’t even a year after the marriage that things started to get sour.

I was losing my marriage everyday. I went to couple’s counseling with my ex-wife. I read the books, that close people who are close to me recommended, including the therapist.


I didn’t want to lose her. I wanted the whole deal so I studied all the advice I could find and I applied it thoroughly, according to my beliefs at that moment…

But time ran out. And it took my marriage with it.

And along with getting ‘separated’ I got fat, sick and became broke. A complete mess.

I had hit rock bottom …

But then I decided to take action and get out of this slump. I was determined to “crack the code” of landing women and keeping them if my heart desired. I mean it wasn’t that I couldn’t “get” women. My proof was that my wife found me attractive at least at some point right, but why wasn’t I able to keep her. Why wasn’t I able to “keep” other women or have the relationship work on my terms and have the outcomes that I wanted?

Especially with the women that really interested me, or that I wanted the most?

I was determined to figure this all out so I devoured every book I stumbled across on relationships, women, alpha men and SEX! I read every report available, whether at libraries, conferences, webinars, seminars, workshops, meetings – Anything that I could get my hands on.

Months, even years started to pass – and all my efforts were leading me nowhere. All I knew is that I couldn’t stop – That I wouldn’t stop.

Now my LIFE depended on this! I was Horny and Desperate …

It was like a spell that was brought upon me, a spell I could not break.

It Was May 23rd At 2 O’clock In The Morning

I was coming home from hanging out with a friend talking over some beers. I had just parked my pickup truck inside my garage, and when I was closing the gate – manually – I saw them.

Three hooded men were approaching my garage entrance. At 2 AM. It never crossed my mind they were paying a visit. The fact they had their faces covered, and that Halloween was 5 months from then, did not support the friendly visit idea either.

I did not ask questions.

I felt the nose of the first one of them cracking on my right hand knuckles as he dropped down to the floor. I was hitting the second guy’s face when the first man stood up, and right then I noticed that there were FIVEof them.

I saw Bas Rutten on a YouTube video once, explaining how to handle multiple opponents if you ever needed to. Despite the beers – I sobered up quickly, you’d understand – I remembered his indications vividly.

“Line them up – so they don’t surround you” – So I did what he said.

The back of my pick up truck was guarding the entrance to the patio, so the fight took place in a space not too big. About 98 square feet.

Although the sight of seeing five of them was discouraging – I liked it better when I thought they were just three – I kept swinging, and ignoring all the kicking and punching I was unceasingly receiving.

For years I used to be a sucker for the “Lord Of The Rings” trilogy, the movie. My older brother and I watched those movies so many times, we almost knew all the dialogues.

On the third movie Gandalf the White rants “ … You are soldiers of Gondor, whatever comes through that gate you will stand your ground

And at a moment that scene came to my mind.


All I could think of was … They are not getting inside. With a voice also saying … you will stand your ground.

I fought them all with my bare swollen knuckles, for what it seemed like hours.

They are not getting inside. You will stand your ground. I kept fighting.

They are not getting inside. You will stand your ground. I kept hearing that voice inside my head. I couldn’t really tell If it was my brother’s, Gandalf’s or my own voice.

Then at some point I lost balance and fell to the ground.

I received a massive kick on my face.

And right after having my neck all twisted and my face looking south, the voice became louder…


One of them said, «Bust a cap in his ass . . . »

I got up quickly and resume the fighting, but at this time, some strength, I never knew I had, allowed me to not only resume the fighting more vigorously than ever, but now, I wasn’t only NOT scared …

I was fearless.

I was angry.

I was pissed.

And full of RAGE I started to scream as I fought them … «Get the FUCK out of here!»… over and over again.

«Get the FUCK out of here!»… louder each time. REALLY LOUD.

The man that I first dropped went to the floor about 3 more times. He got really messed up.


I kept screaming really loud. It wasn’t a scream coming from the top of my lungs. I am not kidding AT ALL when I tell you it came from my BALLS.


That must’ve caught the attention of one of my neighbors. The electric door-gate of his garage made a CLANK sound. Police were coming.

The robbers decided they would not insist and quickly started to pull away and hopped in the pick up truck they were riding in, and after few seconds, they fled from the scene.

The police came to take my statement. My neighbor had to give them the details as I could not articulate a phrase due to the massive rush of adrenaline still flooding my veins.

Later that same day after I woke up, I couldn’t believe what happened. I was almost sure that it had been a nightmare, and a really vivid one. But my red bruised swollen knuckles, my left eye completely shut, the cuts on my head and my swollen right cheek, confirmed to me that it was all very real.

For months after that I felt a mix of pride, fear, joy and terror. Would they come back? And if so, when?

Few nights after the event, still experiencing all that dense mix of terror,pride and bewilderment, I went to a strip club that was near my house at an outside shopping mall.

Out of all that dense coctel of thoughts, fears and feelings of pride, my cock had been rock solidfor almost four days, it went up at the most minimal thought, brush or sight of a female. I was horny as fuck.

My face still looked as if I just came out of a train wreck. Strip clubs where the only place where I could feel more like a MAN. Chicks there won’t give a damn about my face I thought. So I just said “what the fuck, what do I have to lose.”

Inside the strip club, and after spending a reasonable amount of dough, the local administrator of the joint noticed my face. He invited me over, bought me a few shots and beers and we talked about life and women.

I told him my story, the one I just shared with you. He looked at me, not in awe for what I did, but I could almost feel his pity towards me because of my stories with women.

Then he said:

«Look, You seem like a good guy. And I have seen you around. You should do better instead of hanging out here … playing stud. And, listen, because losing you as a customer won’t mean a thing for my business, and it will CHANGE your life forever, I’m going to tell you a secret. A few secrets really.

A few secrets none of this other men out here won’t ever find out.

Secrets that are kept from them so they can keep on coming here and leave all their money attached to G strings and fake tits while their wives and girlfriends at home hate them. These women think about leaving or killing them, calculating how much money they’ll get on alimony and child support, while fantasizing with their co workers, masturbating until falling asleep. Or straight down cheating on them

This man, which was well over 50, started to talk. He occasionally would grab one of the girls ass and spank it, or passionately kiss another or two. But the girls didn’t behave as if they were following orders, or because he was their boss.

They actually ADORED HIM!

The words coming out of this guy’s mouth, along the way he treated the women around him, and the way they treated him, smashed me like a jumbo size sledgehammer right on the top of my head.

It was as if one big historical Tetris Game was about to end and suddenly the perfect piece fitted on the last available space and – BAAAAAM – I saw it in my head.

The whys, the reasons.

I felt BIGdomino effect coming from as early as my child hood. Every interaction with women, fully explained. Every piece if the puzzle perfectly fit. Every riddle solved.

I could not sleep that night. I was enraged, frustrated, eager to apply what I just learned and all the epiphanies that were one too many to ignore.

What this guy told me shocked me beyond belief. It had always been there, right in front of me as a veil.

Why women said they want something but meant something else. Why women always went home with the obnoxious jerk. It was a dense cloud in my mind … Vanishing.

I knew what I had to do. I knew also I could not keep this to myself. Of course I was angry. Of course I was pissed off! All of my life I chased outcomes that are just biologically impossible! Then I began observing. Slowly observing and applying. One by one. One at a time.

I now could flip ON a switch, and get the undivided attention and spark attraction and panty-dripping sexual desire from any woman within a 10 yard radius with no effort at all.

Slowly, Steadily, Baby-Stepping the Way To Become

Coworkers, ex’s, hot chicks on the street, secretaries, employees . … Single, dating, married, divorced, widowed, educated, not educated, busty, tall, fat, skinny, all fake, all natural, young, old, rich, poor, white, black, asian … a whole new world appeared before my eyes. It really felt like decoding the Matrix!

But I also started to notice other things. Underlying themes that kill masculine essence without you even noticing them.

And this is exclusively because it’s more profitable to have a pussified society where men are not men; they aren’t the polar masculine, penetrative force of the Universe.

When you were a kid and your mom or dad called you to do something and you were busy being a kid, if you had a sister she probably obeyed and ran. But you, they had to come and get you because you were TOO BUSY doing your shit. Completely absorbed in the task ahead. In freedom. That’s how men are.

But we grew up in a society that praises the feminine everywhere you go – nothing wrong with that – but never praises a man to go after what he wants, to follow his core desire.

We grew up in a society that tells you that having amazing women for lovers is a dream reserved for men with gold solid dicks, and that is simply not true.

And society wants you to be a pussy so it can collect. And it does it in two ways. The first is anti-men indoctrination …

Because in today’s world, everywhere you look, men are dumb – woman are smart.

Women should keep their options open with men. Men should fall in love with one woman, based on nothing more than a short-lived feeling, and then chase her haphazardly and non-stop until he eventually gets her. Ironically, when he does «get her«, she’s highly resentful of him, constantly ridiculing him to their friends, and rarely, if ever, sexually aroused by him.

Oh, and he’s supposed to quietly put up with all of it. He’s supposed to feel immensely grateful that such an important creature would spend any time with him at all.

In 2016 it sure seems as if things are portrayed like that everywhere you go.

Here’s why this nonsense must be understood and recognized for the ugly-chick fantasy:

When the masses are distracted, the underlying story themes are internalized. Once they’re internalized, they’re believed and thought of as «true».

For instance, if a family is all watching a TV sitcom show, laughing at some dumb joke that the annoying wife just made about her lazy husband, that’s just what’s happening on the surface, BUT…

In each of their subconscious brains, they are internalizing that it is «normal» and «OK» for a wife to outwardly disrespect and ridicule her husband.

Soon, they EXPECT that to be the norm, for themselves and for others.

Can you start to imagine all the different ways that internalizing all the different «story themes» portrayed by these TV shows and how it could kill a man’s confidence, self-love and understanding of how the female brain actually operates. Can you see how it could enormously inflate the ego and false sense of self-importance for every unimportant woman?

By the way, I’m not picking on women here. I love women; ALL WOMEN, just as I love all people. We are all valuable. But most women are unimportant as are most men. This is deemed by their actions and contributions to their communities, society and human race …nothing genetic. I love them all as humans beings.

Anyway, beyond all that anti-men indoctrination, there’s something even deeper and hidden from the Television Surface that you’ll never see . . .

The #1 THING You Never See . . .

And this thing is THE #1 THING that has been quietly killing the sex drive of men everywhere. In fact, it’s been fucking with the sex drive and expression of women too.

I first realized it a couple years ago and have contemplated its validity.

My Findings are Valid as Fuck.

So, what is it?

Notice we just discussed everything TV writers and producers write and script to show the unwashed masses. What do they NOT write and script? What is never seen, nor heard? SEX.

Sex is never seen, nor is it heard. It’s hidden, walked-around, and chiefly relegated to tertiary status. Talking about sex or showing it on TV (other than rate G status) is like the Big No-No.

It’s bad, it’s evil, it’s disgusting, it’s unfit to be seen or heard. It gets no respect, no sense of importance as the foundation of all male/female interactions. It gets nothing but a little innuendo and everyone making a big deal of «who had sex with who» after the fact.

But it moves TONS of cash everyday.

But I have proof this is a bunch of crap. Women like sex, they like to watch it and they want men to show them…men just like you!

Here’s the truth:

Soft passionate sex is nice and yes women like. But guess what? Sometimes (more often than shown) women want a CAVEMAN! They want their worlds rocked.

Here’s how women actually feel about Untitled design(2)sex:

  • They love it.
  • They obsess over it.
  • They love it when it’s dirty.
  • They love it when it’s deep, slow and sensual.
  • They do not have sex, nor do they want to have sex, with men they feel comfortable making fun of, disrespecting or ridiculing.

They have sex with men they RESPECT, and would never disrespect, for fear that if they did, they would lose him (and that would be far too much value to lose out on).

They’ll have sex with a lot of different men too, if the men they continually meet are of HigherValue, proximal and also interested.

They cannot help it. It is their wiring; it is their way. To treat them as anything else would be disrespectful of their nature.

Henry David Thoreau put it so wisely “Most men lead lives of quiet desperation and go to the grave with the song still in them.”

So Stop Disrespecting Women and Start Fucking Them Instead …

I tell you now … YOU, the women, and their relationship are not to blame.

Now, some guys reading this will not believe me because it is in direct conflict with what TV, parents and media have shown them their entire lives.

This is a mental bias called Cognitive Dissonance, and it’s perfectly normal. You don’t want to hold two, completely conflicting ideas in your head at the same time. It’s almost painful. So you need to drop one, and choose the other.

Here’s all I’ll say about that: TV is a 71-Billion Dollar Industry, all from advertising.

It’s written and scripted almost entirely by people who have had little to no sex in their lives.

I make no money by showing you the truth about women and their insatiable sexual behavior. I also have fucked hundreds of chicks, hooked up and/or gotten blown by hundreds more. And let’s not forget I’ve been married, divorced, and hit rock bottom. But as a result of my experiences and actions, I came out on top.

Who Do You Think Has Better Intel on How Women Feel And Think About Sex?

About relationships?

And How can YOU make it work FOR THE BEST OF ALL?

Because Women are the victims too. SERIOUSLY!

They have been trained to think that only sluts or whores can have sweaty, mind-blowing, animalistic sex.

Evolution made women neglect their own ravenous lust for men, and although the birth control pill eased their burden of choosing the wrong partner – back in the caveman days if a woman got pregnant and the dude fled, it could mean her life and her offspring’s.

These days, it’s hard for women to admit that every cell of their body craves to be penetrated and ravished all the way to Greenland by the man they can’t seem find anywhere except on the 70 million dollar industry of romance novels and the 15 million dollar industry of dildos and vibrators.

And that sums up the reasons why, in this day and age, a guy like you isn’t balls deep in a chick’s ass every given day of the week.

But before you learn how to unleash this manly power … before going any further, you need to understand that this immense power you’re about to receive, isn’t just power. It’s a responsibility.Picture6_cropped

Once you learn this lifetime hidden secret, you’ll be able to tease and conquer any woman at your command and give her the most intense, pleasurable, connected and erotic experience, than all her past boyfriends, lovers or ex husbands could do in a whole week of unceasingly pounding although mediocre sex.

Sounds too good to be true?

Well the magic of the fundamental sciences of chemistry and physics take care of that answer for me. Because the codex about to be disclosed to you directly stimulates women’s most primal brain, her most basic instincts, overriding all logic, and sending massive amounts of dopamine (the pleasure neuro-chemical) to wildly run through her whole blood streamtriggering the same response as the most powerful drug in existence, heroin.

With the secrets about to be revealed you will trigger the same rush of dopamine that a drug addict has after his fix.

But this time you will be the fix

So going back to my questions at the beginning …

You know, the ones asking if you’re happy with your sex life, do you feel sexually worshiped, do you have a ton of dates, are you getting blown whenever you want, etc.

How would you like to have answered YES to all of these? To deeply know that your sexual life is immensely satisfying, to know that you are worshiped, lustfully wanted by your woman, girlfriend, wife … with her, extremely devoted to her man, embracing her most feminine core … How would you feel …

Or imagine, at a social gathering … YOU and three gorgeous, jaw dropping women giggling, openly flirting with you, dropping blatant sexual invitations to you …Untitled design(9)

Imagine these three women playfully touching you, desperately longing to get alone with you to sink their teeth in your bare neck …

Imagine your friends, absolutely clueless on how women respond to you, how stunningly attractive women follow you on every word you say … on every move you make …

Are YOU ready to become the source of her deepest, most hidden fantasy fulfilling dirty secrets?


Are YOU ready to become

her private source of Sexual pleasure?


The Man who understands women’s nature and true needs?


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I thought so. 😛

Experience The Life, of a Respected, Sexually Worshipped and Higher Status Self, by …

Unleashing The Alpha

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You see, Unleashing The Alpha it’s not a course or a self-help book designed to change who you are …

It’s the result of years of personal research on the fields of NLP, Social Psychology, Evolutional Biology and sweet and tasty real-life experience that quite simply, 99% of all men will ever have the slightest chance to discover.

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Hey Dan,

You’re a rockstar man! Going through Unleashing the Alpha completely changed my life.

Before I was stuck in a rut with my girlfriend. The wild thing is I didn’t even see how my ambition was being drained right from me; It’s crazy to take a step back and see how all the social constraints manipulate my behavior.

Now that I’m “unleashed”, my eyes are open to the world and what it truly means to be a man as you go further and cover each and every aspect of being a man. My girlfriend respects me much more as I step up to follow my passion in life. Might she also be less naggy as she spends more time with my cock in her mouth? Haha, you’re the best Dan, It’s like I have a big sign on my forehead to alert everyone that I’m a badass.

In fact, just reading through the product and going out Friday night with my friends to the bar I was instantly more confident and ended up getting set up with free drinks from the bartender. Does being a fucking Alpha have no limits?


Zack, NY


Hey Doc,

The Unleashing Alpha system was exactly what I needed. I had broken up with my girlfriend of over 3 years and was feeling helpless. Like I would never meet another woman that hot again. After implementing the changes you taught inside of your system I’m getting hot women on demand. I finally feel like I’ve tapped into my masculinity. Thanks for your amazing system.

Tom H. Minnesota


Dan’s books show you not only how to be a man in the modern era. He negotiates everything from the way you stand to proper nutrition to how you think when dealing with the opposite sex. Dan’s trainings will help you get past all the modern day sissy man nonsense that the mainstream media is using to destroy your masculinity. Instead, follow Dan to become the man you want and deserve to be.

BJ, Connecticut.


Now focus on your breathing and feel your heart pounding like it’s going to come out of your chest.

Feel that incredible thirst for knowledge, to be able to know, to have this immense power,choice and freedom with women.

How much is it worth to be tattooing this all-new concept into your brain and change your outcome with women FOREVER?

How much is it worth for you to be in complete control, to become the sexual fantasyof every woman you meet?

How much is it worth to dominatetheir thoughts and desires?

How much is it worth for you to solve any conflict or problem with your woman, have any of your ex’s back, with one penetrative, dominant look from your eyes?

After all, I’ve never met a woman that could stay mad at a guy who made her cum so hard she shakes for 10 minutes like an air puppet.

I really didn’t want to talk about this, but I see so many guys who are pissed off, angry and hating women and feeling miserable every day because they don’t understand women or what women really want

These guys get browbeaten and nagged by their girlfriends and wives … commit to women they shouldn’t, just to get laid… wastehundreds or thousands of dollars trying to “make her happy” or “buy her off” (and failing miserably)…

Even worse are the guys who bitch and moan about never getting laid and never having a girlfriend at all, wasting tons of lotions and tissue paper watching porn.

Guys that spend so much money wining and dining girls left and right, wasting all their hard earned money on women who just string you along and insult you for being a wimp behind your back …

Guys who just don’t understand how the women psyche is wired and what they RESPOND to.

So think about that for a second… Keeping that solid image in your mind

What Do You Think Would Be A Fair Price For Unleashing The Alpha?

What do you think would be a fair price to finally be in control of your sexual life…

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(Well, I bet you’d think that was a bargain to never ever have to feel that frustration and anxiety with women again.)

But you know what? I’m not a rich guy. Like you, I have to work for every dollar I make and I know that even when you want something so bad and know it’s a TOTAL steal at the price you’re paying… And sometimes doubt and hesitation make it so you just can’t give yourself what you need.

Which is why I’m going to do something kind of risky here…

Not a risk to you… But a BIG risk to me…

See, ever since I learnt this I knew I couldn’t keep it to myself. I kew that there are lots of men that are not having the women and the sex life they want and are tired of struggling with women.

So I made it my mission in life to give regular guys like you INCREDIBLE SEXUAL POWER, CHOICE AND FREEDOM and to get revenge on the moralistic LIES that are holding women’s sexual desire hostage.

And if I have to take a hit to my wallet to accomplish my mission? So BE IT!

And, because you’ve given me your precious time and have read everything I’ve had to say, you’re NOT going to pay $497. I’m not even going to ask you to invest a brutally cheap$297.

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