Want To Date Hotter Women? STOP Doing this Now, Right Now.

By Dan Santiago.

What is up with this incredible day,
Am I the only here who thinks this air is awesome ?
1I though so.
It’s fascinating.
Air is food man. So if you want to succeed, open the windows of your house, make sure that the air in your place, workplace or wherever you are is clean.
It’s got to be clean air.
Enjoy  it, put attention to it, because besides being key to our survival<——— small reminder . . .


Doesn’t cost a thing, you don’t cut the chances of your fellow neighbor to get his if you breathe furiously. We are not running out of it.
And it lets you connect to the moment.
Air is abundant,
As money, pussy, adventures, and men who haven’t already open their eyes. Poor bastards.
But we, we are cruising here.
Becoming the dynamic, powerful, sexy and dominant men we were meant to be.
Air is one of the NEEDS you have in life.
One cannot live without air to breathe.
Food is another NEED,
Water also.
And shelter.
But that’s about it.
Right there above are written your NEEDS for you to populate this planet. Or any planet.
In any environment, any climate, any continent.
You could go to Siberia, The Amazon rainforest, Sahara desert, Vitacura Chile.
If you can get food to eat, safe place to crash, water to drink.
And That’s it.
All the rest is bullshit.
Of course we “need to work” to pay our bills, rent or mortgage, electricity, phone bills, internet …
Of course. But those are gravy that makes this part of mankind’s  history so awesome,


You don’t really need none of those to LIVE, to exist.
And neediness, at some point is not just an attitude, it becomes a mindset.
And it’s a mindset that has a 70 billion dollar industry behind it.
Every where you go, they will pitch you that you need something.
You need the next iPhone, the next Macbook air, that other gadget, or that perfume, that flu shot.
All Bullshit.
Untitled design(20)But in your head – if you are voluntarily exposed to those messages, as in watching too much TV – you begin to absorb that. And that neediness, later on starts to create another mindset, which is hard to eradicate – lacking.
Because lacking is going to require more needs to fill its void. The more sense of lacking you have, the more needy you will be.
If you haven’s slept with anyone on a while, you will feel that lacking, and it will communicate neediness on every interaction you have with women.
Tv, movies, will always preach it.
To make it so ingrained in your bones, that you do everything they tell you to do.
You become part of their game, part of the flock of sheep out there.
And by doing that you compromise your purpose, your vision, your mission.
You become part of their plan.
Instead of YOUR plan.
And guess what they have planned for you ?
Not much.
Life is abundant in air, is abundant in food, is abundant in opportunities, pussy, money.
You have to be open and aware to make that abundance yours.
Life’s like an ocean, immense, vast, abundant.
So make sure when you are at the beach at least show up with a bucket, instead of a teaspoon.
Besides all the formerly listed, you needs are all covered. They are all being taken care of.

By Yourself

Because you have all it takes to have an amazing life.
You have within you all the power to make this trip a story for youngsters to remember, to happily remember that badass who did it his own way.
Inside yourself you have everything you may ever need.
1_bikini_fourbeauties_wide_1a7d9fd-1a7d9ftYou don’t need fame, money, trucks loads of women …
Wait but I want all that  … or course man I want that too, and you and me here, we’ll get all that …
But we don’t NEED it.
We are all that we are, WITH that or WITHOUT that. BEFORE and AFTER.
You may want a pair of Bugattis and a 2.3 Million house in LA, and it doesn’t mean you cannot get them.
Doesn’t mean you can’t have a great vision, and work hard for it to come to fruition,
It means you don’t need them.
It’s absolutely critical that you make that difference between wanting something and needing something
Obsessing about something – your success, your business, your purpose.
Totally different animal
But the media always tells you need things, and the neediness state is a powerless state, you are giving all your power to something, someone,  concept or idea.


And the fact that up until now you behaved like you needed someone, or needed outcomes in your life …  You pushed them all away.
You did, because of your neediness.
So stop it right now. You are all that you ever need, so love yourself as if your life depended on it. And it does.
You may want the hot blonde in the counter, but you don’t need her.
And if you want her, approach her.
7Don’t give her your whole body language, that communicates neediness. Same when interrupting her in the middle of conversation.
Your vocal delivery must be after you have listened – and by that, being present in the moment – and process that info. Only that way you can come back with a phrase that is either funny, a challenge, a sexual remark, or a tension generator.
All wins when it comes to women. And you are a winner. You want to succeed.
When you make a remark on something, and this woman appears offended … never apologize or back pedal. That’s sub communicating that you need her approval or rapport.
And it can be that you offended her. But 99% of the times will be a shit test.
Although in some women might work later on,  instead of offenses ( offenses, negging and all that shit will only get you crazy chicks ) go around planting seeds of challenge, great emotional experience like stories with laughs, sex, tender moments, exhilarating stories, sexual tension, or teach ‘em something …

And NEVER Apologyze

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