Warning: Change This Attitude Before You Grow Old Alone And Broke

photoBy Dan Santiago
Morning is enchanting us with this clean air and sweet sunrise.
I love mornings, they are a whole new start, they are a whole new chance.
A chance to change it all around, if you put your mind into it. And take massive action.
I used to hate mornings and I’d do whatever it took me to sleep during morning hours,
because there was a time in my life I didn’t have any appreciation for simple things, that we take for granted.
And I didn’t have any discipline to get my ass out of bed and start grinding and milking Life’s tit for my own pleasure, enjoyment and benefit.
Because Life will hand out the those huge titties, but you have to earn them. And you do that by being purposeful, hard working and disciplined. Grateful.
And that’s the key. There are so many things we take for granted everyday, that sometimes we burst into fury flames when things don’t turn out the way we wanted.
The way we wanted things isn’t necessary the way we planned them.
When you plan your days, your schedule to get shit done … to succeed at work, with women, in business, you need a plan, you need a mindset and you need to take action.
That’s when you are lined up with Life to start getting your own, to start to succeed and achieve your goals.
But sometimes things, no matter how thoroughly we planned them, don’t turn out the way we wanted.
Sometimes it rains in your parade, we are in that kind of planet.

Man Plans, God Laughs – Dan Peña

When we were babies, we had a a weapon to get what we wanted, we could throw a tantrum, cry and we’d get the tit in our mouths when we were hungry, change us up when we were covered in our own shit, and have somebody to put us in a nice cozy bed when we were tired.
maxresdefaultOnce people grow up, they get the tantrum part out, but the mindset stills the same. And people develop a milder form of tantrum ——-> complaints.

Complaining obeys the same causes. We want something to be different and when it isn’t, we complain. We think that by doing that things will change.

And that can’t be further from the truth.
And it is an amazingly powerful, addictive and unconscious manner to fuck up our lives and the ones that surround us.
Complain is the complete dislike for all that Life’s delivering you at the given moment, it signals that you are unhappy about your life.
When one’s is complaining can’t really focus on all the success that has happened for the person to be there, standing, healthy, living AND complaining.
Complaining throws out a massive dose of negative energy – of pessimism – and it permeates and resonates with others around and suddenly now we have a myriad of people who are now NOT happy about the gifts Life reserves for each one of them.
Everything about Your Life is Success. The way you walk, the way you think, the beating of your heart, the breathing in your lungs … evolution has perfected all these bodily functions for you to be here.

Complaining is a muscle.

As a result, it develops silently until you are only happy when a series of circumstances are at your level… if you ever get there.

If there is one stupid-life-sucking-annoying-habit-of-mental-waste is complaining about the weather. That’s raining, that’s too hot, too cold, it’s such an ugly day … Think about it.

Do you remember the last time you were on a hot day? I bet you started to fall to the hypnotic rhythm of complain.. how did you feel? suddenly everything sucked for you I bet.

You cannot change the weather, so why bother. Neither change circumstances that are out of your control. Not to even mention people…  no matter how hard you try.
The one thing you can change is yourself, meaning your attitude, your habits, your goals.
Accept things that you cannot change. Be grateful for what you have.
Accept and release. Let go.
Don’t be that guy who’s only verbal input to the world is a form of complain.
Be the inspiring, magnetic Badass. Start being grateful for all you have, and accept the things you cannot change.

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